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DIRT Intel is a team of Information Experts that are dedicated to helping you find the information you need.

All information is reliable and legally sourced in full compliance with GLBA and FCRA regulations.

Mitigate, Anticipate and Avoid Risk with actionable information.

A few of the key areas where digging up DIRT will help:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Lending
  • Vendor Selection
  • Litigation/Legal Matters
  • Executive Hires

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Hi there! My name is Chantal, and I am the Managing Director of DIRT Intel.

My career has been based in (1) being of service and (2) sharing information. You name it, I’ve done it! For the past few years I managed the operations of an investigative agency, and that experience taught me that there is a common thread throughout all walks of life: the need to know more. Information is power, and that is what DIRT Intel provides.

Chantal Kahale

I’ll start with a bit more DIRT on me: originally from Canada, I’ve lived all over the world, from the sands of Egypt to the hills of Spain, the beaches of Miami, and the blustery cold of Michigan. Whether instructing students, running political campaigns, or uncovering hidden truths, I have always been keen on making sure my clients have all of the information that they need to be successful. The DIRT.

When we have a consultation, I’ll ask you questions that may or may not seem relevant. This is because obtaining information is rarely linear; instead, it is a circuitous maze of facts, anecdotes and non-sequiturs that lead to one destination— the truth.

Twenty years of sharing knowledge has led to DIRT Intel, and we are excited to provide you with the information you need to be more productive, more aware, more insightful and more complete in your life and your career. DIRT is the foundation upon which all things are built, and assisting you in finding ALL THE DIRT is our specialty!